VWCaddy.net on facebook as “the Caddy Shack”

For all you facebook people vwcaddy.net now has their own like page, which will give your news feed a daily dose of 2k goodness please find us here https://www.facebook.com/vwcaddyfan

MR Car Design’s Low Riding Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

This is mr car designs Caddy Maxi on bags with tidy Rotiform wheels measuring 19 inches. Its a wander why we never got the short wheel base Caddy Life, it would sell like hot cakes..

David Coulthard tests the Caddy TDI Racer

One of the more unusual driver-car pairings in Volkswagen Racing’s history took place in May at Goodwood circuit.  Red Bull Racing’s David Coulthard took the chance to spend a day in a Volkswagen Caddy TDI racer – a front-drive 260bhp turbodiesel van that  we have run in the Volkswagen Racing Cup for the past 4 […]

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